Specialty Behavioral Health

What type of treatments does SBH offer for substance problems?

Our staff offer individual evaluation and psychotherapy, family consultation, and consultation with other health care professionals for the treatment of substance abuse and dependence. The components of individual psychotherapy will vary based upon the type of substance problem and whether other issues such as depression are involved.

Most often, individual psychotherapy will involve strategies from motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and community reinforcement. In some cases, we will see a client who is already in a treatment program and doing well, but not getting the help needed for depression, anxiety, or other issues.

Family consultation is available to discuss the status of a loved-one and what can be done to motivate that person to seek treatment. Usually family consultation occurs over the course of a few sessions to develop plans and problem-solve as needed.

Finally, our staff can serve as consultants in cooperation with other health care professionals to evaluate situations involving abuse of or dependence on prescription medications.