Specialty Behavioral Health

What type of treatment does SBH offer for depression?

Our staff offers individualized counseling sessions for depression. The course of individual therapy will vary based upon each client’s needs, but most of the time there is a focus on identifying and changing behavioral and thought patterns using a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) framework.  The client is asked to keep thought records and complete other tasks in between sessions to learn and internalize new skills.  Individual therapy for depression usually lasts from 15 to 20 sessions.

Bright light therapy can be added as an adjunctive treatment for certain types of depression.  We highly recommend getting a professional evaluation to determine if light therapy is a good option for any client.  Although it can be an effective treatment, it requires a time commitment on behalf of the client of about 1/2 hour each day.  The most serious risk associated with light therapy is the emergence of hypomania or mania.  So persons with a history (or family history) of mania should be carefully monitored by a professional in case medication treatments are also needed.  Click here for infomation about The Brighter Side specialty package.

The group entitled Optimism in Everyday Life focuses on preventing and overcoming depression by learning to be more optimistic.  The group process generally follows three phases.  In the first phase, members learn about how to use cognitive therapy and learned optimism to analyze life situations.  In the second phase, members analyze each other’s life situations and give feedback with guidance from the group leader.  In the third phase, participants are expected to analyze their own life situations and solicit feedback from others about how to be more optimistic.  All participants in this group must have an evaluation or screening before joining and may be asked to participate in individual therapy if appropriate.