Specialty Behavioral Health

Group Therapies

  • 90 minutes long
  • Meet on a weekly basis for 12 -20 weeks
  • New group members must be evaluated and/or screened before joining
  • Maximum of 7 group members
  • Once a group begins, it is closed to new members

GROUP: Overcoming Insomnia

This group includes 12 sessions focused on cognitive behavioral strategies to manage insomnia. All sessions are highly structured and include assignments to complete between sessions. The first session covers education about insomnia and the remaining sessions cover specific strategies to improve sleep. For more information about the contents of the group, view the PDF titled “Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Chronic Insomnia.”

GROUP: Optimism in Every Day Life

This group focuses on developing optimism in everyday life. The first few sessions are structured and educational with an emphasis on learning specific skills to achieve an optimistic bias. The remaining sessions are determined by members’ specific needs with a focus on applying the new skills to current life situations. The group lasts from 15 to 20 sessions based upon the needs and consensus of the members.

Optional reading: Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life by Martin Seligman.

Members will gain new awareness and skills:

  • Identify negative thought patterns
  • Challenge your pessimistic self
  • Rebound from set-backs
  • Maintain a balanced perspective of life
  • Quit blaming yourself