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Day Light Saving Time Change Effects Your Mood and Sleep

September 6, 2006

Every year in the fall we move our clocks back one hour, bringing an end to the period of day-light saving.  For most of us, our bodies take a while to adjust to this time change, creating a lag between society’s clocks and our bodies’ clocks.  The circadian rhythm, which is our bodies’ internal clocks, [...]

Gratitude During Thanksgiving Offers Real Benefits

Hopefully, you have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  However, even if you feel like you don’t, scientific studies suggest that going through the motions can still improve your attitude and health.  Researchers found that college students who were asked to practice identifying and expressing gratitude using a daily gratitude journal reported more energy, [...]

Recognizing the Different Faces of Depression

The characteristic symptoms of depression vary among different groups of people.  For example, teenagers with depression often complain of boredom while elderly individuals focus more on somatic or physical symptoms.  In some cases, people may suffer silently and even deny they are depressed, resulting in” smiling” or “masked” depression. According to Laura Dunn, M.D., Assistant [...]

Understanding Types of Clinical Depression

The following types of clinical depression are all treatable: Major Depressive Disorder – A period of at least 2 weeks with a significant change in mood marked by feeling sad, empty, or anxious; loss of interest or pleasure in life; decreased energy, sex drive, or sleep; changes in appetite or body weight; mental dullness or [...]