Specialty Behavioral Health

Appointments & Fees


Appointments can be made online or by telephone (858-752-3520).  If you are scheduling an initial evaluation, please reserve a period of 2 consecutive hours.  Instructions for making a first appointment are provided on the page For New Clients.  Clients will be charged the entire session fee if cancellations are not made at least 48 hours beforehand.


Initial Phone Consultation: Free up to 15 minutes
Initial Evaluation: $225  (90 minutes)
Individual Sessions: $150 per 45 min session
Group Sessions: $60 per 90 minute session
Organization Consultation: hourly and daily fees available upon request
Legal Proceedings: $200 per hour
Psychological Testing: varies per test
Community Speaking: Free (customary honorariums donated to charity)


Clients are expected to pay fees at the time of service.  Unless otherwise arranged, clients are expected to pay the full amount of fees and request reimbursement from their insurance company.   SBH staff will assist clients with any reasonable process (e.g., complete paperwork) needed to obtain reimbursement, but cannot be responsible for insurance reimbursements.

Please call your insurance company before the first appointment to ask them about your coverage.   The most common insurance procedure codes that clients request reimbursement for are 90801 (initial diagnostic interview) and 90806 (45-50 minute session individual psychotherapy).

Clients may pay by cash, check, or credit card.  More information is available on Payment Instructions.

Clients or clients’ guardians are required to complete and sign an Authorization for Payment form allowing SBH to bill a credit card on file for any services unpaid at the time of service.